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Helium Liquefier & Refrigeration Systems

Helium Solutions (1.16 MB)

L-Series - Standard Heliumliquefiers / Refrigerators (1 MB)

Technical Description L70/LR70 (632.54 kB)

Technical Description L140/LR140 (633.95 kB)

Technical Description L280/LR280 (636.33 kB)


Hydrogen Liquefiers

Hydrogen Solutions (1.04 MB)


Equipment & Accessories

Multi Component Detector (588.09 kB)

Cryogenic Adsorber (363.06 kB)

Remote Monitoring & Control System (RMCS) (674.01 kB)


Reference Brochure

Superfluid Helium Plant (Fermilab, USA) (731.7 kB)


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