About Linde Kryotechnik

Linde Kryotechnik is the world’s leading manufacturer of cryogenic equipment. Our core business consists of planning, designing, and constructing helium and hydrogen liquefiers and refrigerators. The temperature range of our cryogenic refrigerators is between -193°C (80 K) and -271.5°C (1.5 K). At our production center in Pfungen, near Winterthur and Zurich, experienced and dedicated engineers, technicians and specialists are engaged in making high-tech equipment. Our customers are gas producers, industry, research institutes, and universities.

Helium systems
The company’s success is based, above all, on its extensive experience and how it has put that experience to work in advancing and optimizing helium plant technology and systems. We are supporting scientists all over the world on their journey of seeking and finding answers to questions about the universe by studying the tiniest fundamental particles. We are thrilled again and again when the discovery of a new piece in the puzzle leads to a better understanding of the world. Our passion, long-term know-how, state-of-the-art systems and procedures guarantee comprehensive and professional support to our customers.

Hydrogen systems
Hydrogen is undoubtedly a carbon-free solution for a sustainable, green future. The hydrogen market is growing rapidly and demands new technologies. Some of the technologies have already been in production for decades. Hydrogen liquefiers are such an existing technology. Linde has decades of experience in constructing and operating hydrogen liquefaction plants.

Liquefaction is not the only link in the long hydrogen supply chain that Linde offers. If you are interested in other process plants, from hydrogen production to filling stations, please look at the comprehensive range of the Linde Engineering portfolio.


In 1895 Dr Carl von Linde invented a process for the liquefaction of air and various gases, thereby ushering in the era of the cryogenics industry. As early as 1932, Linde supplied the world’s first industrial helium liquefaction plant to the University of Kharkov in the Ukraine. Initiated by the purchase of the Kryotechnik department of Sulzer, Winterthur in 1992, Linde decided to concentrate its low-temperature activities.

Linde Kryotechnik AG was formed from this merger and is located in Pfungen, Switzerland today, where about 130 highly specialized employees are developing cryogenic systems. Linde Kryotechnik AG is a member of the Linde Engineering business of Linde plc.

In the intervening years, more than 600 systems have been successfully installed worldwide.