Award for outstanding Project Execution by Jefferson Science Associates

At the reception on 26 September 2014 at the Thomas Jefferson Lab, Linde was honoured as Distinguished Vendor. Mr. Hugh E. Montgomery, director of the Jefferson Lab and president of the Jefferson Science Associates, gave the award personally to John Urbin (Linde).

Jefferson Science Associates recognizes the distinguished contract performance of Linde Cryogenics


Four companies in total were given this award by JSA. These companies have substantially contributed to achieve the milestones CD 4A in the frame of the 12GeV upgrade of the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF).
To increase the efficiency of the CEBAF to 12GeV additional superconductive cavities were installed, which needed to be cooled. Linde delivered the key part of the new cryogenic plant: the two coldboxes.

Transatlantic Cooperation

Both, Linde Process Plants (USA) and Linde Kryotechnik AG (Switzerland) were responsible for the order fulfilment. The implementation of the customer specifications in regard to technical components – plant engineering – was carried out in Switzerland. Subsequently, the construction of the coldboxes itself took place at Linde’s production site in Oklahoma (USA). After installation at JLAB in Newport News, commissioning took place in cooperation with the customer in spring 2013. This close transatlantic cooperation between Linde Process Plants and Linde Kryotechnik AG has already proved successful several times in the past. To be honoured as Distinguished Vendor definitely demonstrates the efficient implementation of projects of such size in the American market. Linde succeeded in uniting cryogenic experts, project managers and engineers on either side of the ocean to powerful teams.