CryoPrague 2006

The multi-conference CRYOPRAGUE 2006, which took place this year from 17th to 21st July 2006, in Prague, Czech Republic, included the three international conferences ICEC 21, ICMC ’06 and the 9th CRYOGENICS 2006. Participants and specialists from the cryogenic sectors from all over the world travelled to Prague for this occasion.

These five days provided our employees from the Sales, Marketing and Process departments with the opportunity to meet many customers personally and to inform themselves of the latest developments and projects in the cryogenic field. Also, several presentations were held, demonstrating the experience and know-how of our company.

We were delighted about the many visitors we were able to meet personally at our exhibition booth. The entire company image had previously been revised and was presented to the public for the first time during the CryoPrague. We were happy to earn praises from many of our visitors on the new image.

Besides the specialised discussions we also enjoyed meeting with our customers, who were invited to a venerable restaurant in the old town of Prague to join us for a jovial dinner. Although the summerly, hot temperatures did not mirror the cryogenic field of our company and our customers, all guests enjoyed a pleasant evening in the garden of the restaurant.

In conclusion, we consider the CryoPrague 2006 a huge success for all parties and we trust that the event will be remembered by all participants as a positive experience.