ETH Zurich continues to rely on Linde Kryotechnik.

Since 1952, ETH Zurich has been liquefying helium. The university of science and technology turned to its trusted partner, Linde Kryotechnik, to help with plans to revamp an existing helium liquefaction unit and replace another one with a new liquefier.

The physics department of ETH Zurich supplies liquid helium to various R&D teams within ETH and also to the University of Zurich. When using helium, ETH Zurich recovers and reliquefies most of the gas. It does this with two TCF20 helium liquefier systems delivered and installed by Linde Kryotechnik in 1995 and 1999.

Moving forward, ETH Zurich intends to meet rising demand for liquid helium to support research and development projects with a new L140 helium liquefier. The plan is to replace one of the outdated TCF20 units and revamp the second TCF20 unit. The revamp involves upgrading the TCF20 to the control system of the L-Series and replacing various sensors and actuators. This revamped model will be as easy to operate as the modern L-Series plants.

Commissioning of the new L140 helium liquefier is scheduled for May 2018.