It’s getting exciting – Wendelstein 7-X restarted

The world’s largest fusion experiment of the stellarator type Wendelstein 7-X is in action for the second time. The stellarator is running again after a 15-month conversion break, which served to equip the machine for longer pulses and higher heating power. The next step in a continuous increase in the energy level and the operating time is thus possible.

Although Wendelstein 7-X is not meant to produce energy, the device is intended to prove that stellarators are suitable for power stations. For the first time, the quality of the plasma confinement in a stellarator is to reach the level of the competing tokamak type devices. Gradually, the duration of discharges will be increased and in a few years’ time the duration will be at 30 minutes. This data could be used to obtain information if the large advantage of the stellarator type is possible: continuous operation.

Read the full press release on the IPP Website.

Scope of supply of Linde Kryotechnik for the Wendelstein 7-X Project.