Equipment and accessories

To avoid damages and / or downtime, we recommend the use of our proven system components.

Even traces of impurities may cause malfunction of helium process plants with expensive consequences. Contamination plugging, for example, can shut down cryoplants for a long time.

The multi-component detector is used to monitor the purity of the helium in the system. The use allows a high helium quality, the reliable operation of the system and an optimal, cost-saving use of cleaners. It is possible to measure humidity and nitrogen. With the additional stage of a pyrolyser unit it is also possible to detect hydrocarbons and aerosols. Other elements can be offered on demand.

The specific properties of helium gas call for a compressor oil capable of accurately lubricating, sealing and cooling the compressor over the entire working temperature and service interval without decomposing thermally over time or absorbing moisture. Linde’s HCF12 oil is designed specifically to meet the high performance, temperature and stability demands of helium compressors, as well as the specific requirements of every single component of the cryogenic plant. HCF12 reduces the maintenance effort and replacement costs across the entire process flow.