Cryogenic adsorber

Time saver for deconamination.

The cryogenic adsorber is recommended for clean-up of the helium gas in a liquefier or refrigerator system which has been opened and exposed to the atmosphere. It is especially effective for removal of air and moisture and saves time compared with the usual procedure of pumping and purging.

The most important requirement to obtain continuous operation of a liquefaction/refrigeration system over extended periods of time is the elimination of contaminants from the helium process stream within the system. While solid particles or dirt may plug the system or damage moving parts, gaseous contaminants that can condense and solidify at low temperature must also be removed. Gaseous contaminants could enter the system during installation or from helium gas replenishment sources. Contamination may also result from the introduction of air into the system through small leaks, especially when the system is being operated at subatmospheric pressure.