Customers for small systems appreciate the L-Series as a safe, user-friendly system. Its’ reliability and high-quality equipment are particularly emphasized.

Linde provides standard helium liquefiers based on two different technologies:

  • turbine expander: highly reliable, low operation and maintenance cost
  • piston expander: cost efficient, easy installation

Performance variations are realized by different coldbox sizes, varying compressor sizes and using liquid nitrogen pre-cooling. All L-Series helium liquefiers include an internal freeze-out purifier to remove dry air contaminants from recovered helium.


Turbine Expander:

Linde Kryotechnik developed the L-Series equipped with turbine expanders (L70, L140, L280) especially to meet the needs of universities and research institutes with a liquid helium requirement of 20 to 290 Litre per hour.


Piston Expander:

The piston expanders (L1410, L1610 und L1620) broadens the product range for small liquefaction capacities.


The control system can be fitted with online access for supervisors or Linde’s service department.