Helium Recovery Systems

Helium Recovery Systems
Rising Commodity Prices and Shortage Make Helium Recovery and Liquefaction More Valuable.

When helium is withdrawn from an open cycle, e.g. for distribution to experiments or delivery to different users, it cannot be fed back into a liquefier without prior processing. Either the pressure or the liquefaction capacity is too low, the moisture content too high, or a combination of all of these. Processing methods include collection of helium as well as compression, drying and storage at high pressure.

For helium recovery, Linde supplies individual components (e.g. gas balloons, high-pressure compressors, filters for oil removal, driers, gas cylinders or high-pressure vessels for storage) or complete systems (from collection to the helium liquefier feed nozzle).

Reservoirs and storage containers for gases
Gases such as helium or nitrogen can be stored at a wide range of pressures and temperatures. Linde offers a series of low-, medium- and high-pressure containers for various pure or contaminated gases. Pressure containers come in different designs for vertical or horizontal installation. They are built and tested to the specifications for pressure containers in force in the destination country, e.g. PED or ASME.


Helium solutions

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