Hydrogen liquefiers 2

Linde has decades of experience in the construction of hydrogen liquefaction systems. This fund of experience has been the basis for the continuous development of components.

We offer liquefiers

  • from small (<5 tpd),
  • to medium 5-15 tpd and 50 tpd
  • to large capacities  of 150 tpd and larger)

The liquefaction plants could be carried out as lump sum turnkey installations or as equipment & procurement supply with subsequent supervision of installation and commissioning.

Key components include aluminum-plate heat exchangers and expansion turbines with dynamic gas bearings.


Recycle Compressor

The recycle compressor system is designed to suit the customer’s conditions. Depending on the size of the hydrogen system, different compressors such as screw compressors or piston compressors are used.

If necessary a feed gas compressor is applied.


The pre-cooling concept depends on the plant capacity.

Small plants use liquid nitrogen which is supplied externally. Larger plants have stand-alone or integrated pre-cooling cycles.

Adsorbers at a temperature of 80K remove residual impurities and ensure the desired product quality better than 99.999%.

Cold box

The heart of every liquefaction plant is the cold box. Inside the cold box, the hydrogen feed gas is gradually cooled until it changes from gaseous to liquid.

The recycle gas stream is used to cool the hydrogen feed stream. For systems smaller than 5 tpd, the cooling circuit consists of a closed helium circuit. For systems larger than 5 tpd a Claude cooling cycle running on hydrogen is used.

The shelf life of the liquid hydrogen is ensured by an effective ortho-para conversion.


Depending on the size of the liquefaction plant the storage is chosen. The tanks are highly insulated to minimize any boil-off.

Two types of storage apply.

–      Bullet tanks for small size

–      Spheres for large size

Trailer Filling Station

For transport of LH2 it is filled into trailers. The filling station is partially automated easing purge, cool down and transfer.

A balancing scale for supervision of the filling can be supplied.