Spare parts and components

Safety you can count on – for as long as your plant is in service.

Spare parts

You can rely on us for all the spare parts you need throughout the entire lifecycle of your plant. We can guarantee original and compatible spare parts for ten years, but even after this period has expired, we will continue to find the right solutions for your needs. Our experts will assess your request, check availability, clarify any queries, source the requisite spare parts and deliver these to you on site. Our lean structures enable us to respond quickly and efficiently to your needs.



We can also deliver additional components such as multi component detectors, cryogenic adsorbers and remote control systems for your plant.

Multi-component detectors (MCD)

Even the slightest residual traces of air components such as nitrogen and neon or moisture can cause operating problems in cryogenic processes. We offer a range of detectors that can identify and measure impurities in helium. Linde’s multi component detector, for example, can detect different gaseous impurities in the parts per million range and thus help you to avoid problems from occurring in the first place.

Remote monitoring and control system (RMCS)

Remote monitoring and control is becoming an increasingly important tool for operators of cryoplants and liquefiers. Our RMCS is a modular service management solution that monitors and controls plants remotely and also archives data. So it is also an effective way of improving the efficiency, performance and availability of plants.

Compressor oil HCF12

The specific properties of helium gas call for a compressor oil capable of accurately lubricating, sealing and cooling the compressor over the entire working temperature and service interval without decomposing thermally over time or absorbing moisture. Linde’s HCF12 oil is designed specifically to meet the high performance, temperature and stability demands of helium compressors, as well as the specific requirements of every single component of the cryogenic plant. HCF12 reduces the maintenance effort and replacement costs across the entire process flow.


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