Helium liquefiers

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Huge projects – or a small liquefaction plant?
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The helium liquefaction capacity of Linde systems ranges from 20 to more than 3500 liters per hour out of a single cold box. The resulting projects are correspondingly diverse. The size which can be derived from the desired liquefaction performance is an important criterion. While the complete system of an L-Series would fit into a room, the handling of the cold box of a bulk liquefier requires a mobile cantilever crane, low-loaders, and special permits for transport.

However, comparatively small L-Series are not about unpretentious – on the contrary. In many cases, the requirements for small liquefaction plants are more complex and can only be fulfilled with specific variations. In the design of such a system, the L-Series is used, as far as possible. On this reliable and tested basis, the customer’s request is met by sophisticated adaptations by our experts.

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