Bulk helium liquefier, USA

Helium for the whole world

Helium is obtained as a trace gas during production of natural gas from gas fields in the USA, Russia, Poland, Qatar and Algeria. The proportion of helium present does not exceed 3%. Helium is purified at the production site and liquefied for transportation. In view of the large quantities of natural gas produced, bulk helium liquefiers with capacities in excess of 3000 litres per hour are deployed.

Linde Kryotechnik has led the field in this segment for some years: approx. 70% of the helium extracted from natural gas is liquefied in Linde systems. Our challenge is to maintain this position of leadership and continue to meet the exacting quality standards of our regular customers. Regarding integration of the Linde equipment into the overall system at our customers’ facilities, we can reflect outstanding teamwork with the engineers of partner companies, ensuring that equipment has always been handed over to operators on schedule and in accordance with specifications.