GSI, Germany

Magnet test facility

GSI at Darmstadt, Germany is operating a worldwide unique large accelerator facility for heavy ions. Physicians from all over the world are using this facility for their experiments to gain insights into the structure of matter and the evolution of the universe.

In the coming years, the extension with the FAIR project GSI will be an internationally important and one of the largest accelerator centers in the world. For its realization already now extensive civil construction work is ongoing plus the planning and delivery of the required machinery and components are in progress.
The dipole magnets required for the future FAIR accelerator shall be tested extensively under operating conditions before its installation in the underground accelerator tunnel. For this purpose, GSI has awarded Linde Kryotechnik with the design and delivery of the necessary cryogenic infrastructure of a serial test facility (STF). The STF allows the independent test operation of up to four dipole magnets at different operating conditions at the same time.

The tailor-made helium refrigeration plant is designed for a total refrigeration capacity of 1500W @ 4.5K. Cold helium will be provided at various temperatures and pressure levels. Further, the possibility for helium liquefaction into a helium dewar is given. Besides the helium compressor unit, the refrigeration coldbox with various valve and feed boxes, the complete control system as well as accessories such as helium buffer tanks required for the operation of the entire refrigeration plant is part of the delivery.