IPP Hefei, China – LR280 for Fusion

LR280 with 3 expansion turbines for Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Science

Linde Kryotechnik AG has been awarded a further contract for a helium refrigerator by the Institute of Plasma Physics, CAS in Hefei, China.

The Institute of Plasma Physics (abbreviated as ASIPP) part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was founded in September 1978 for the purpose of the peaceful utilization of the fusion energy primary based on the tokamak approach. The main area of research covers high-temperature plasma physics and various magnetically important research projects amongst others ITER.

The new helium refrigerator will be located in a new building to house the General Superconductor Test Platform of the Institute.

The system is based on model LR280 but equipped with 3 TED expansion turbines for maximum efficiency and refrigeration power. It will be used to provide supercritical helium at 4.5 K as well as a 50 K stream for HTS current leads to be tested at the institute.