Plant Relife TCF200, CERN

Bringing a cooling plant back to life

The refrigerator dated 1978 was originally used for the ISR project at CERN and most recently until 2005 to test magnets as part of the ATLAS experiment at the LHC. After a complete retrofit and modifications, it is planned to be used in a new test facility for large and heavy superconducting devices in which the first magnets to be tested are the S-FRS magnets of the FAIR project.

Cold box after revamp

To enable the new functionality, an additional heater and a control valve for cold gas return had to be designed, manufactured and installed. The turbines only required reconditioning. In addition, sensors – for example for pressure and temperature – were replaced, and the purge and cooling water panels were modernised to reflect the latest technologies.

The success of revamp projects such as this hinges on our ability to support customer needs with the utmost flexibility. Accordingly, we gradually split the defined project scope into optimal phases in collaboration with the customer.

The revamp was successfully executed and rounded off with function, pressure and leak tests.