The High Field Magnet Laboratory Nijmegen placed an order for the delivery of a LR140 helium refrigeration plant

The independent High Field Magnet Laboratory Nijmegen (Abbreviated HFML) is one of the most important laboratories for High Magnetic Field Research in Europe.

In cooperation with the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter and the Faculty of Science of the Radboud University, the HFML is engaged in the research of semiconductor and nanotechnology, as well as various prestigious projects in the field of high field magnet development. The focus of HFML is on creating large continuous magnetic fields.

Presently HFML designs a new 45T hybrid magnet. For its test stand a helium refrigeration plant of Linde Kryotechnik will be installed. The new helium plant is based on the Linde’s standard L-series helium liquefiers with an up-grade to a refrigeration plant in order to achieve the requested cooling power of 180W@4.6K at 6 bar with highest efficiency.

Apart from the provision of supercritical helium the helium plant will also liquefy helium up to 40 l/h stored in a separate helium dewar.