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Helium is liquefied for two main purposes - to create low temperatures or to reduce its gaseous volume.

Refrigeration systems that utilize liquefied helium are widely used in various fields such as basic research, high-tech, medical equipment, industry and energy. These systems are crucial for cooling superconductors, cold neutron sources, MRIs and applications related to fusion and fission. Helium can be used to directly cool experiments or transport the coolness stored in liquid form in dewars.

The oil and gas industry also relies on liquefied helium gas for storage and long-distance transport solutions. Helium gas is liquefied to reduce its volume and pressure, making it easier and more efficient to transport.

Helium Liquefaction Plants

Immerse yourself in the world of helium liquefaction.
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Helium Refrigeration Plants

Dive into the depths of temperatures near absolute zero to help reveal the secrets of an unimaginable universe.
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Helium Recovery Systems

Helium is a valuable and rare gas on Earth. It can be reused by recycling, leading to cost savings.
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Equipment and accessories

Linde Kryotechnik supplies specially designed equipment that is very helpful for the operation of cryogenic helium plants.
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