Helium Liquefaction

Helium Liquefaction Plants
From Standard to Customized Liquefaction Plants

Depending on the requirements and the specific application, Linde Kryotechnik offers a range of standard and special systems for helium liquefaction. The helium liquefaction capacity of Linde systems ranges from 20 to more than 3500 liters per hour out of a single cold box.

The circumstances determine whether the standard L-Series, variations of the standard equipment, or special systems deliver the solution.

Brochures Turbine Expanders

Helium Solutions

Datasheets Turbine Expanders

L70 / LR70
L140 / LR140
L280 / LR280

Datasheets Piston Expanders

L1410 / LR1430
L1610 / LR1630

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