Standard Liquefiers
User-friendly Helium Liquefaction for Research Institutes and Universities.

The standard liquefier L-Series from Linde Kryotechnik offers a range of safe and user-friendly helium liquefiers specifically designed for universities and research institutes. These systems prioritize reliability and high-quality components to ensure efficient operation. 

Linde provides standard helium liquefiers based on two different technologies:

  • Turbine Expander: Ideal for highly reliable operation with low running costs. It is suitable for applications requiring 20 to 290 liters per hour of liquid helium LHe (L70, L140, L280 models).
  • Piston Expander: A cost-effective option with easy installation for smaller LHe requirements (L1410, L1610, L1620 models).

Performance variations are achieved through a combination of cold box sizes, compressor capacities, and optional liquid nitrogen pre-cooling.

All L-Series systems integrate a built-in freeze-out purifier to eliminate dry air contaminants from recovered helium, ensuring optimal system performance.

The control system can be optionally equipped with remote access capabilities for added convenience. This allows supervisors or Linde's service department to monitor system health and provide real-time support.


The basic requirements for a user to size and design small to medium helium liquefaction systems are quite multilayered. The feed gas composition, for example, defines whether an internal adsorber system can remove impurities, whether a purifier (internal or external) is required, and whether the purification operation is a continuous or batch process.

Furthermore, the system's liquefaction rate depends on the running time, e.g., if the system is operated during the whole week or stopped on weekends and if a turn-down of the system is required. This will also determine the size of the liquid dewar and storage tank.

The L-Series helium liquefiers offer a range of options to suit various needs. Different cold box sizes achieve different liquefaction levels of L70, L140 and L280.  To meet a wide range of cooling needs, the system offers a modular design with various compressor sizes and the option of nitrogen pre-cooling for enhanced efficiency.

Moreover, the liquefaction and refrigeration capacities can be tailored to customer needs. Helium is cooled in gas-bearing turbo expanders. These machines offer exceptionally high efficiency and are tremendously robust. This means that the purchaser achieves efficient resource use and high system availability.

A further plus for the efficient L-Series is the extremely short cooling time before the system is ready for production. This quality is reflected in extremely low power and low liquid nitrogen consumption levels. The compact, modular cold box design with an integrated freeze-out purifier, which reliably removes impurities, helps control the installation cost.

The standalone peripherals of the control hardware allow flexible “plug & run” installation. Irrespective of whether you choose the L70, L140 or L280, rest assured that the cold box undergoes careful factory inspection before shipment.

We also provide comprehensive training for operating personnel, both at our facilities and on-site. Our training programs are designed to equip your team with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate and maintain the L-Series effectively. We are committed to providing excellent after-sales service, and our dedicated and highly trained staff are always ready to offer prompt and reliable support, no matter where you are in the world.

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