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For gas producers who market helium worldwide, as well as research institutes with helium requirements in excess of the standard ratings, Linde Kryotechnik has developed a series of special systems with a liquid helium output ranging from 350 to well over 3500 l/h.

Helium, a noble gas, is an increasingly valuable commodity due to its scarcity and diverse applications. It is used, for example, in the space industry, MRI and NMR equipment (superconducting magnets), welding and shielding processes, lasers, and optical fiber manufacturing.

On Earth, helium can only be extracted from natural gas sources that contain it in sufficient quantities. If relevant quantities of helium are present in a natural gas stream, Linde combines nitrogen rejection with helium recovery to separate the helium from the rest of the gases.

In bulk liquefier systems, impurities are removed from the helium prior to liquefaction in separate process steps, such as pressure swing adsorption to obtain high-purity helium. In these units, physical, chemical or cryogenic processes are used for the accumulation/liquefaction of impurities.

The main components of a helium liquefier are:

  • oil-injection screw compressors
  • vacuum-insulated cold box
  • aluminium-plate-fin heat exchanger
  • TED expansion turbines with dynamic gas bearing
  • liquid helium storage tank
  • control system

Further system components such as raw gas compressors, purification systems, gas storage tanks, helium recovery or filling stations are designed, supplied and installed by Linde Kryotechnik.



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