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A helium refrigeration plant cools the helium downwards, step by step. It is a circuit in which the same amount of helium constantly circulates, i.e., a closed circuit system with symmetrical mass flows. Two or more gas-carrying expansion turbines provide the required low-temperature cooling.


To speed up the cooling process, the refrigeration system can be designed with liquid nitrogen pre-cooling. Pre-cooling allows the helium cooling circuit to start cooling down at 80 K. Without pre-cooling, it starts at ambient temperature.


Refrigeration systems are connected to the experiment. The conditions of the experiment determine the intensity of the cooling power, the number of cooling stages and the point in time. No two experiments are the same. Whether it is a small to mid scale experiment or a hall-filling system, we are used to customizing plants and finding solutions in close cooperation with the customer.  Linde Kryotechnik is the specialist for cryogenic solutions in the temperature range between -193°C (80 K) and -271.5°C (1.5 K).

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